Manisha Choudhary

Manisha Choudhary teaches at Department of History, University of Delhi as an Assistant Professor in the History of Medieval India and specializes in History of Rajasthan. She has acquired her Degree of Bachelors from Miranda House (University of Delhi) and pursued M. Phil and Ph. D Degrees from University of Delhi. She has working knowledge of Urdu and Persian. The various aspects of Banjara community and their contributions in medieval history have been explored extensively in her M.

Sanghamitra Sadhu

Sanghamitra Sadhu is Assistant Professor of English at Cotton University, Guwahati, India.  She was a Visiting Research Scholar at the India Institute, King’s College, London in 2015. She obtained her PhD from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India for her research on the practice of life-writing in India in the early twentieth century with critical and shifting focus on the nation that has witnessed crucial phases of transition in Indian history.

Mathew Akkanad Varghese

The work will comprise explorations of ecologies in the making, with a focus on south western Indian state of Kerala, but with a comparative frame. The motif of the work will be the emerging anthropocene contexts that simultaneously bring unprecedented human interactions with the non-human as well as the emergence of hybrid ecologies.