Mathew Akkanad Varghese

Research Project: 
Globalising States: The Metaphors from Ecologies in the Making
Duration of Fellowship: 
Sep 2017 to Aug 2019

The work will comprise explorations of ecologies in the making, with a focus on south western Indian state of Kerala, but with a comparative frame. The motif of the work will be the emerging anthropocene contexts that simultaneously bring unprecedented human interactions with the non-human as well as the emergence of hybrid ecologies. The idea is to ethnographically explore phenomena, be that a geologic formation, system of life and non-life, ecosystem or peculiar phenomenon, in its own right; in other words not seeing them as mere representative…so the ‘making’ involves breaking, assembling, or deconstructing…as the situation that unravel demand. The basic idea is to focus on the wide gamut of ‘relationalities’. The work will also draw from existing literature, the closer introspection of immediate geographies as well as the possible dialogues that the institution sets ground to