Prachi Dublay

Research Project: 
Towards a theoretical framework of Adivasi Music: Studying the Musical Tradition of Rathwa Adivasi, a representative tribe living on borders of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra
Duration of Fellowship: 
May 2016 to May 2018

Prachi Dublay, currently a fellow at IIAS, Shimla - is an accomplished vocalist, researcher and academician in Indian Music. With twenty years of experience as a performer and broadcaster, Prachi has been performing all over India and abroad and has many CDs at her credit. Prachi has received several prestigious fellowships and awards, some to mention – Tata Fellowship in folklore, Culture Fellowship by Govt of India, Sir CV Raman Award, Kaleshwari Sanmaan, IBN-Lokmat Prerana Puraskar etc. She also has lent her voice to a few films, one of which is the much-acclaimed Oscar nominated Marathi film Shwaas & the other is National award winning Marathi film Anumati. Prachi has taught Music as a guest faculty at University of Pune and Flame University, Pune. Finding her own path, for past several years Prachi has become an independent travelling musician who has been collecting, interpreting, singing, teaching and writing the Adivasi Music of India. She has co-authored a book with her Adivasi friend, written several articles about Adivasi Music and also has produced some Research CDs and an Audio Book. At IIAS, she is working on the project: ‘Towards A Theoretical Framework of Adivasi Music.’