Ratnakar Tripathy

Research Project: 
A Comparative study of the regional music industries in Hindi-speaking India: with special focus on Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana
Duration of Fellowship: 
May 2016 to Apr 2018

Dr Ratnakar did an MA [1980] and PhD in Philosophy [1987] specializing in the Philosophy of Social Scienes. He spent a number of years in the print and television media working on research based stories and projects. He has done a series of academic research projects around the themes of Hindi cinema, Bhojpuri cinema and Music industry, internal and transnational migration funded by a number of Indian and international agencies. He has written a number of academic papers as outcomes of these projects. He has already done work on Bihar, parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. His project on Himachal Pradesh is a part of his larger plan to investigate and map the growth of the regional langauges in the Hindi speaking parts of India by tracing their ever increasing presence in recent times in the digital media and the internet. Aged 62, he has been attached to the Asian Development Rsearch Institute [ADRI] as a Senior Research Fellow since 2007 and is based in Patna, Bihar.