Sumanyu Satpathy

Research Project: 
The Early Periodical Press and Modern Odia Literary Culture.
Duration of Fellowship: 
May 2016 to May 2018

Sumanyu Satpathy, currently a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, is a former Professor and Head of the Department of English, University of Delhi. His area of expertise are literary modernism, Indian literary culture and Odisha studies. His other areas of interest are queer studies and literary Nonsense. He was Distinguished Scholar at the Michael J. Osborne Centre of the Institute for Advance Studies, La Trobe University in 2007. Among his publications, are Re-viewing Reviewing: the Reception of Modernist Poetry in the TLS (1902-1932)SoutherPostcolonialisms (Routledge), Reading Literary Culture and the Tenth Rasa, an anthology of Indian Nonsense. He has published numerous research articles in Indian and international journals, such as EPWEnglish Language NotesArielPapers in Language and LiteratureNotes and Queries etc. and in edited books such as the well-known Same-Sex Love in IndiaChildren's Literature and the fin-de-siècle and Rabindranath Tagore in the Twenty First Century: Theoretical Renewals.