Dr. Pavithran Nambiar
Designation- Fellow
Email- drpavit22@gmail.com
Duration of Fellowship May 2019 to May 2021
Research Project Culture, Corruption and Insurgency: Threats and Quest for Survival in Nagaland.
About: Dr. Pavithran Nambiar has put 39 years service in Gujarat Police (India), and during this tenure, worked in different divisions of police department viz., State Reserve Police, Communication, Intelligence, CID Crime and Research. Along with his job, he pursued his studies and secured B.A., M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Gujarat University. He was conferred with the prestigious President’s Medal for Meritorious Service in 2003. He has 15 years’ research experience in the Police Research Center of State CID Crime, Gujarat, where he conducted research on different subjects related to policing, the most important being (1) Terrorism: A Gujarat Perspective and Action Plan (Classified), and (2) Terrorism in India: Facts and Facets-Volume-I & II (Classified). He has published three books viz. (1) Indian Policewomen in New Millennium: A Comparison of Twentieth and Twenty First Century (Co-authored, 2017), (2) Trafficking in Girl Child: A Gujarat Scenario (Co-authored, 2010), and (3) An Empirical Study on Accidental Death and Suicide Among Married Women in Gujarat (2006). Furthermore, he has 13 publications to his credit; presented papers at National and International seminars. His areas of specialization are Policing, Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, US Homeland Security, and Disaster Management.
He was a Fellow at the Police Foundation, Washington DC in 2011, where he produced a paper titled, “Radicalization of Islam: A Historical Perspective and Homegrown Threat to the U.S.” He is the only person from India to get this Fellowship so far. In addition to policing, he has 4 ½ years teaching experience as Assistant Professor at Raksha Shakti University, and Gujarat Forensic Sciences University.
Presently, he is a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, working on Culture, Corruption & Insurgency in Nagaland, investigating the linkages between different factors that caused insurgency and to recommend certain policy measures to contain it