Previous International seminars/conferences/symposia

Sr.No. Seminar Theme Date Abstract Video Link
1. Ācārya Abhinavagupta: Legacy and Significance 21st-22nd June 2021 Click Here Part-1,
2. India, Asia and Australia: Oceanic Encounters and Exchanges 29th-31st January 2020 Click Here
3. Re-Examining Indology: Prospect and Retrospect 13th March 2020 Click Here
4. Kala Pani Crossings: India In Conversation 23rd-25th September 2019 Click Here
5. Traditional Hindu/Indian Virtue Ethics in Today's Perspective: Sharing Ideas between East and West 17th-19th October 2019 Click Here
6. Retrieving the Voices from the Margins: Thinkers of Modern India 24th-26th March 2018 Click Here
7. Exigency in the Field of Speech-Language Pathology in India 7th-9th May 2018 Click Here
8. Regional Cultures and New Media Technologies 26th-28th April 2017 Click Here
9. Purifying the Dialect of the Tribe: Cross-Cultural Concerns in Colonial and Postcolonial India 17th-19th May 2017 Click Here
10. Indian Media Studies: Contemporary Perspectives 25th-26th July 2017 Click Here
11. Retrieving the Voices from the Margins: Thinkers of Modern India 11th-13th August 2017 Click Here
12. Paradigm Shift in Indian Linguistics and its Implications for Applied Disciplines 30th Oct-1st November 2017 Click Here
13. Intimacy and Belonging in Contemporary India 4th-6th April 2016 Click Here
14. Kipling in India: India in Kipling 26th-28th April 2016 Click Here
15. Migrations and Citizenship(s) 30th May-1st June 2016 Click Here
16. Cosmopolitanism in the History of Science 9th-10th August 2016 Click Here
17. Science and Spirituality: Bridges of Understanding 21st-23rd November 2016 Click Here