Dr. Alok Gupta

  Prof.  Alok Gupta Designation- Fellow Email- dralokgupt@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Dec 2021 to Dec 2023 Research Project  19वीं सदी के गुजराती और हिंदी साहित्य में भारतीय चेतना (Indian Consciousness in Gujarati and Hindi Literature of the 19th Century) About: Professor Alok Kumar Gupta is a noted Critic, Translator of Hindi. His poems have …

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Dr. Aziz Mahdi

  Dr. Aziz Mahdi Designation- Fellow Email- azizmahdi@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Dec 2021 to Dec 2023 Research Project Common Roots of Heritage: A Comparative Research on Similarities between Ramayan, Mahabharat and Shahnameh (of Ferdowsi). About: Dr. Aziz Mahdi, is a multilingual poet, translator and former guest lecturer at Tehran University-Iran. Aziz has a doctoral …

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Dr. Sumit Dahiya

  Dr. Sumit Dahiya Designation- Fellow Email- sumitdahiya2009@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Aug 2020 to Aug 2022 Research Project Women Singers of Western Rajasthan: Art, Patronage, and Community Life. About: Dr. Sumit is a historian and currently working as a research fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. She proposes to examine a …

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Dr. Venusa Tinyi

  Dr. Venusa Tinyi Designation- Fellow Email- tinythought@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship July 2020 to June 2021 Research Project An Inquiry into the Foundation of Deontic Logic: Problematizing Kripke’s Possible World Semantics for Deontic Logic and Framing an Alternative Model for Re-Thinking the Basic Concepts of Deontic Logic and Their Counterparts in Other Normative Systems. …

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Mr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan

  Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan Designation- Fellow Email- prasenjeet@iitj.ac.in EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship JUNE 2020 – JUNE 2021 Research Project “Decolonizing Cannabis: History, Hegemony, and Opportunities” About: Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan is a Social Anthropologist. He completed his PhD from the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. He is an Assistant Professor of Sociology …

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Dr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav

  Dr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav Designation- Fellow Email- ykabhishek@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship JULY 2019 – JULY 2021 Research Project Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and their literature in Hindi About: Dr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav completed his higher studies from Allahabad University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. He holds an M.A. degree in Hindi Literature (2008) from …

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Dr. Alka Tyagi

  Dr. Alka Tyagi Designation- Fellow Email- tyagi.alka@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship February 2020 to February 2022 Research Project Bhavana, Creative Contemplation and Bhairava, the Supreme Reality in Kashmir Saivadarshan.  About:Dr. Alka Tyagi, a bilingual poet, translator,is Associate Professor in English Dept., Dyal Singh (eve) College,University of Delhi. Alka has a doctoral degree on the …

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Balram Shukla

  Dr. Balram Shukla Designation- Fellow Email- shuklabalram82@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship February 2020 to February 2022 Research Project प्राकृत कविता के चारुत्व के भाषिक प्रयोजक About: Scholar and Poet of Sanskrit and Persian languages, Dr. Balram Shukla has University degrees in both with gold medals. He values necessity of these source- languages to identify …

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Sharmila Chandra

  Sharmila Chandra Designation- Fellow Email- sharchand.244@rediffmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship July 2019 to July 2021 Research Project Interpretation of Mask Making and Mask Dancing in the Context of Folk and Hindu Mythology: An Ethno-Cultural Study. About:

Peter Scharf

  Peter Scharf Designation- Fellow Email- scharf@sanskritlibrary.org EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Jan 2020 to Dec 2022 Research Project Indian linguistic traditions, Sanskrit language and literature, Indian philosophy About:  Peter Scharf earned his B.A. in philosophy at Wesleyan University and his doctorate in Sanskrit at the University of Pennsylvania, after which he taught Sanskrit at Brown …

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