Dr. Aziz Mahdi

  Dr. Aziz Mahdi Designation- Fellow Email- azizmahdi@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Dec 2021 to Dec 2022 Research Project Common Roots of Heritage: A Comparative Research on Similarities between Ramayan, Mahabharat and Shahnameh (of Ferdowsi). About: Dr. Aziz Mahdi, is a multilingual poet, translator and former guest lecturer at Tehran University-Iran. Aziz has a doctoral …

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Dr. Sumit Dahiya

  Dr. Sumit Dahiya Designation- Fellow Email- sumitdahiya2009@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Aug 2020 to Aug 2022 Research Project Women Singers of Western Rajasthan: Art, Patronage, and Community Life. About: Dr. Sumit is a historian and currently working as a research fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. She proposes to examine a …

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Dr. Venusa Tinyi

  Dr. Venusa Tinyi Designation- Fellow Email- tinythought@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship July 2020 to June 2021 Research Project An Inquiry into the Foundation of Deontic Logic: Problematizing Kripke’s Possible World Semantics for Deontic Logic and Framing an Alternative Model for Re-Thinking the Basic Concepts of Deontic Logic and Their Counterparts in Other Normative Systems. …

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Mr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan

  Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan Designation- Fellow Email- prasenjeet@iitj.ac.in EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship JUNE 2020 – JUNE 2021 Research Project “Decolonizing Cannabis: History, Hegemony, and Opportunities” About: Dr. Prasenjeet Tribhuvan is a Social Anthropologist. He completed his PhD from the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. He is an Assistant Professor of Sociology …

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Dr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav

  Dr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav Designation- Fellow Email- ykabhishek@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship JULY 2019 – JULY 2021 Research Project Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and their literature in Hindi About: Dr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav completed his higher studies from Allahabad University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. He holds an M.A. degree in Hindi Literature (2008) from …

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Dr. Alka Tyagi

  Dr. Alka Tyagi Designation- Fellow Email- tyagi.alka@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship February 2020 to February 2022 Research Project Bhavana, Creative Contemplation and Bhairava, the Supreme Reality in Kashmir Saivadarshan.  About:Dr. Alka Tyagi, a bilingual poet, translator,is Associate Professor in English Dept., Dyal Singh (eve) College,University of Delhi. Alka has a doctoral degree on the …

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Balram Shukla

  Dr. Balram Shukla Designation- Fellow Email- shuklabalram82@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship February 2020 to February 2022 Research Project प्राकृत कविता के चारुत्व के भाषिक प्रयोजक About: Scholar and Poet of Sanskrit and Persian languages, Dr. Balram Shukla has University degrees in both with gold medals. He values necessity of these source- languages to identify …

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Sharmila Chandra

  Sharmila Chandra Designation- Fellow Email- sharchand.244@rediffmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship July 2019 to July 2021 Research Project Interpretation of Mask Making and Mask Dancing in the Context of Folk and Hindu Mythology: An Ethno-Cultural Study. About:

Peter Scharf

  Peter Scharf Designation- Fellow Email- scharf@sanskritlibrary.org EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Jan 2020 to Dec 2022 Research Project Indian linguistic traditions, Sanskrit language and literature, Indian philosophy About:  Peter Scharf earned his B.A. in philosophy at Wesleyan University and his doctorate in Sanskrit at the University of Pennsylvania, after which he taught Sanskrit at Brown …

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Sumandeep Kaur

  Dr. Sumandeep Kaur Designation- Fellow Email- sumandeep.iias@gmail.com EPBAX- Duration of Fellowship Nov 2019 to Nov 2021 Research Project Ecological Concerns in Select Punjabi Fiction About: Sumandeep Kaur is currently fellow at Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. She has her PhD on “Confronting the Community in the Post 90s: A Study of Nadeen Aslam’s Fiction” …

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