Dr. Soibam Haripriya
Designation- Fellow
Email- priya.soibam@gmail.com
Duration of Fellowship Jun 2018 to May 2020
Research Project
About:Soibam Haripriya is currently Fellow at the IIAS. Prior to this she taught at the Centre of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati Campus.
She completed her PhD from the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics during which she was was awarded the ICSSR-IEG doctoral fellowship.
She is also a poet. Her poems have appeared in anthologies and journals - Tattooed with Taboos, New Delhi: Partridge India, 2015; Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture, July 2015, XV (2); 40 under 40: An Anthology of Post-Globalisation Poetry: Poetrywala (2016); Guftugu (July 2016); Indian Cultural Forum (June and September 2016). Most recently her poetry is part of Map Called Home: Kitaab (2018, forthcoming). Her present work examines the use of poetry in social anthropology especially in the context of writing of ethnography in sites of violence. Her papers 'Poetry and Ethnography: Tracing Family Resemblances', Society and Culture in SouthAsia (forthcoming issue) as well as 'What Good is Poetry in Desolate Times', Summerhill IIAS Review, Vol21(1):2015 engages with methodological concerns of incorporating poetry in ethnography.Her other recent works include 'From the Shackles of Tradition: Motherhood and Women’s Agitation in Manipur’ in Vandenhelsken, M., Barkataki-Ruscheweyh and B Karlsson (eds.) Geographies of Difference, Routledge, 2017, pp.215-232 and 'Durability of Signs and Symbols: Divine King and Sacred Landscape” in Chattopadhyaya, D.P. (ed.) History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Centre for Studies in Civilization, 2017, pp. 37-62.

Research project: The Poet as Witness: Encountering Ethnography through Poetry.