Inter-University Center for Humanities and Social Sciences

Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute and the University Grants Commission, the Institute also serves as University Grants Commission's Inter-University Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences (IUC). The IUC invites permanent teachers from Government Colleges and Universities from all over the country as Associates to the Institute for a period of up to three months. During term time, the Centre has up to twenty Associates at any given time. The IUC Associates are the Institute's guests and they are entitled to the general facilities offered to its Fellows. The Associates are required to take part in all the Institute's academic activities and thus constitutes an important section of its academic community.

Study Weeks and Research Seminars :

Under the auspices of the Inter-University Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences, Research Seminars and Study Weeks are also organized; both at the Institute and in other parts of the country. Research Seminars are primarily meant for young researchers in Universities and colleges; and Study Weeks bring together eminent thinkers to deliberate on problems of great urgency for our society and nation.

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IIAS Preprint Server

The preprint server is a digital repository of articles in the field of Humanities and Social Science submitted by the Fellows, Guest Fellows, seminar participants, invited speakers, and Associates of the Institute which have not been published. It is a platform dedicated to the scholars associated with the Institute and making early versions of research outputs permanently available. The objective of the establishing preprint server is to disseminate the knowledge and make it searchable for the benefit of the academic community. You can search our preprints using our search page and give your comments.

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