Horticulture Section

¨The department is involved in maintenance and devlopement of the heritage  garden of the Institute including planting, pruning, fertilizing, pest management, mulching, watering, weeding, grounds cleanup, and general lawn maintenance.
The main area’s which come under the department are-:
¨Main building garden, Siddharth-vihar, Squire Hall, Prospectus hill, Bilaspur house, Red stone, Craillvilla, Apple orchard, Kiwi Block, Rose garden and other fellows/officers/staff residence
¨The garden has wide varieties of plants like Chinar, Maple, Magnolia, Orchids, Shrubs and climbers like Fuschia, Wisteria, Tecoma, Honeysuckle, Bulbous plants like Clivia lilly, Agapanthus lilly, Crinum, Calla lilly, Day lilly, and huge varieties of annual flowers.
¨The total sale of plants during 2019-2020 is 17,070-/-

Types of Tress/Plants in Campus
ChinarMapleWisteriaTrumpet VinePrimrose JasmineTulipKiwiRosesMangoliaFuchsiasSeasonal Annuals

Botanical Classification
Common Name - Chinar/Old World sycamore
Botanical Name - Platanus orientalis
Family - Platanaceae
This Tree is a living heritage of the Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, planted in the British time. It is a multipurpose tree, is of immense aesthetic importance owing to its beauty and magnificence. Chinar has a maple like foliage and a patterned bark. Their leaves will fall from about mid to end November, with new leaves appearing in early April to late April. Leaves and bark are used as medicine, the wood is used for making delicate furniture items and the twigs and roots are used for making dyes.

Botanical Classification
Common Name - Japanese Maple
Botanical Name - Acer Palmatu
Family- Sapindaceae
Japnese maple is one of the major attraction of the tourists in the Institute due to its red colour foliage. This tree is famous for bonsai making and propogated by grafting, cutting .

Botanical Classification
Common Name - Grape flower vine
Botanical Name - Wisteria sinensis
Family- Fabaceae
Wisteria is a climbing vine known for its grape like flowers and sweet fragnance. Vine's blue color flowers enhance the beauty of the Institute during spring season.

Botanical Classification
Common Name - Trumpet vine
Botanical Name - Campsis radicans
Family- Bignoniaceae

Botanical Classification
Common Name - Primrose Jasmine
Botanical Name - Jasminum mesnyi
Family- Oleaceae
It is a evergreen shrub with yellow flowers.

Botanical classification
Common Name - Tulip
Botanical Name - Tulipa spp
Family- Lilliaceae
Propagation - Tulips are mainly propagated through bulbs and planted in October/November
The Institute also have tulips and is the second one in shimla after Craignano Nature Park one who grow tulips in its garden.

Botanical classification
Common Name - Chinese gooseberry
Botanical Name - Actinidia deliciosa
Family- Actinidiaceae
Propagation - By Grafting or by Cutting
The Institute also have Kiwi fruits in its garden which are harvested in October for sale.

Botanical classification
Common Name - Rose
Botanical Name - Rosa spp
Family- Rosaceae
Propagation - These are mainly propagated by T- budding or cutting.
The Institute has Rose garden having collection of different variety /colour of roses.

Botanical classification
Common Name - Magnolia
Botanical Name - Magnolia grandiflora
Family- Magnoliaceae
The white, pink, yellow, and purple flowers of Magnolia species with it large blossoms, provide aesthetic value in the landscape othe Institute.
Botanical classification
Common Name - Fuchsias
Botanical Name - Fuchsias spp
Family- Onagraceae
The garden has wide varieties of fushias like Loxensis, Arabella etc.

The garden has different variety of seasonal flowers like Godetia, Clarkia, California poppy, Marigold, Aster, Petunia, Larkspur, Calendula, Cosmos, Ice plant, Daisy, Primula Cyclamen, Begonia, Candytuft, Zinnia, Amaranthus, Coleus and many more.