Book Discussions:

IIAS also organises launches and discussions of a variety of books of the impact that have been published recently. Besides the author, distinguished panelists, book critics are also invited to share their understanding of the book. The following book discussions have been organised by IIAS that may be accessed on the Facebook page or youtube channel of the Institute.
Name of the author Title Venue/Platform Link:

Name of the author Title Venue/Platform Link
1. Processor Ramesh Chandra Pradhan Metaphysics of Consciousness: The Indian Vedantic Perspective Offline -
2. डॉ. शेखर पाठक हरी भरी उम्मीद चिपको आन्दोलन और अन्य जंगलात प्रतिरोधों की परम्परा Online on Cisco Webex
3. Dr Pradeep K Nayak Land Reforms to Land Titling Emerging Paradigms of Land Governance in India Online on Cisco Webex
4. Prof. Madhav Hada Meera vs Meera (translated from Hindi to English by Professor Pradeep Trikha) Online on Cisco Webex
5. Dr. B.S. Harishankar  Cultural Terrorism  Online on Cisco Webex
6. Shri M.K. Raghavendra  The Hindu Nation Online on Cisco Webex Click here to watch
Professor Badri Narayan Republic of Hindutva 
Shri Rahul Roushan Sanghi who never went to a Shakha 
7. Ms. Vandana Kohli HINGE: Re-Discovering Emotional and Mental Online on Cisco Webex
8. Dr. Pankaj Jain Dharma in America: A Short History of Hindu Jain Diaspora Online on Cisco Webex Click here to watch