Life at Campus

Fellows are provided with reasonably furnished rent-free accommodation in the cottages that form a part of the Estate. These have been recently renovated with the re-furbishing of many of the residences to make them comfortable and warm. Telephones are provided wherever possible through the EPABX system of the Institute. All Fellows are also provided with:

> a study which they may have to share with one or two other Fellows,
>computer and e-mail facilities,
>certain stationary items.

The Library of the Institute is one of the finest in the country. Its collection has been enriched by acquiring the private collections of eminent scholars like R.C. Majumdar, Abdul Majid Khan, H.C. Ray Chaudhury and Ajit Ghosh as well as that of Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru. Developed over a period of 45 years, the Library now has a collection of over 1.50 lakh volumes of books, journals, microfilms and other documents. Besides, Institution Repository has also been created which has access to recently published monographs of the Institute. The collection has been mainly developed in the areas of Philosophy, Religion, Fine Arts, Socio-linguistics, Psycho-linguistics, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Socio-Economic Planning and Development, Third World Economics, Ancient and Medieval Indian History and Culture and Modern Indian History, Politics, Society and Economy. The collection of 'back volumes' of journals is rated high by its users. The major housekeeping operations of the library have been computerised and its database pertaining to books can be accessed through the DELNET. Internet facilities are also available to library users. The library, we expect, will be one of the best collections for scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences in India.

The Institute has a very beautiful and large garden with a variety of flowers, plants and trees. This is perhaps one of highest landscape gardens in the world. The garden is largely dependent on rain water. The Institute harvests rain water which is used throughout the year for the gardens. There are three nurseries in the garden in which some rare Himalayan plants have been planted. The Institute's garden has been winning trophies in the competition organized by SAGES for being one of the most beautiful and well-maintained gardens in the region. The Institute is planning to develop the garden into a 'Himalayan Botanical Garden' in which some of the rare and exotic plants would be grown here.

NKN Campus Network
The Fellows , Associate and staff and visitors at the Institute can now enjoy the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within campus . Over 100 PCs and two hi-end server are connected to the internet through broadband connections provided by ( NKN) National Knowledge Network . The connectivity has recently been extended to Karanchi Line (IUC Associates Hostel), Fellow's mess and Sidharth Vihar Guest House.

Conveniently located on the premises, the Institute has a dispensary with a Resident Medical Officer. This caters to routine medical requirements of the members of the Institute and their families.

For both recreation and health, and to foster a sense of bonding in the Institute's family, there is a sports club that offers billiards, badminton, table tennis and carrom. Fellows, Associates and scholars visiting the Institute and members of the staff are welcome to use these facilities.

The Institute has renovated the old Fire Station Complex into a book-cum-souvenir-cum-coffee shop. The old Swimming Pool has been converted into a Pool Theater and the disused Squash Court in the same complex into a photo gallery. Since it was in a state of neglect the Fire Station has been done up artistically and converted into a Café in the theme of a fire station. One side of the Café houses books and souvenir for sale while the other side houses the Café. The three walls of the Café have been conceptualized on three themes—partition, history of the Viceregal Lodge and vignettes of the Raj. Each wall has some rare pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters. The Pool Theatre has maintained the heritage look of a small theatre but it is fitted with the latest sound and light system.