Visiting Professors from 2016 onwards

The Institute invites senior academicians to Shimla for a period of one month during which they deliver 3 lectures and submit the manuscript of the same. A detailed CV along with abstracts of proposed lectures is to be emailed to

Sr. No. Name Bio Title of Lecture
1. Professor  Sridhar Rajeswaran Visiting Professor in Humanities
Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, University of Mumbai
Mumbai 400098
And Honorary Director
Centre for Advanced Studies in India (CASII), Gujarat
W.B.Yeats a Dialectic of Desire and Nation: The Body of a Woman and the Lie of the Land  (06 May 2016)
Girish Karnad: Beginnings, Ends and New Beginnings” on 12 May 2016
Earth 1947 through the Fish-Eye: Imaging the Landscape of Memory" on 23 May 2016
2. Professor Pulapre Balakrishnan Director (Economist)
Centre for Developing Studies
Markets, Growth and Social Justice: Twenty Five Years of Economic Reforms” on 09 June 2016
Rights and Capabilities: A Reflection on Democracy and Development in India” on 16 June 2016
Knowing where you come from: the economy of early independent India revisited on 23 June 2016
3. Professor Udayon Misra Former Professor and Head of the Department of English, Dilbrugarh University, Assam
Former National Fellow, IIAS
Re-Defining the Indian Nation: The Northeast Experience-I” on 06 September 2016
“Re-Defining the Indian Nation: The Northeast Experience-II” on 20 September 2016.
“Re-Defining the Indian Nation: The Northeast Experience-III” on 26 September 2016.
4. Shri Keki N. Daruwalla Indian Police Service in 1958
Padma Shree Awardees
1. “Historical Fiction: Negotiating the Personal and the Historical” on 06 June 2017
2. Neutral Space? Politics and Poetry on 15 June 2017
5. Professor Jean-Luc Racine Emeritus Senior CNRS Fellow
Centre for South Asian Studies
School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences
“India and the World, 1991-2013” on  03 August 2017
India's "soft power” cultural diplomacy and civil society on  09 August 2017
"A New Normal? The “Modi-Fiction” of India on 18 August 2017
6. Professor Ashok Modak  National Professor,
Trustee, ICCR
• Veer Savarkar-worthy successor of Swami Vivekanand” on 05th June 2018
• Hijacking of Vivekananda’s Views (15 June 2018)
• Russian’s interest in the Life and mission of Swami Vivekananda  (22 June 2018)
7. Professor S. Kodandaraman Professor of Civil Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College A Preamble to Vedanta Darsana on 07 September 2018
“The Concept of Advaita Philosophy” on 11 September 2018
8. Professor Priyambada Sarkar Department of Philosophy
University of Calcutta
Spirituality beyond Religion: Rabindranath Tagore and Ludwig Wittgenstein
“Spirituality and Religion: the Narrative of Ludwig Wittgenstein, a so-called ‘Jew’” on 06 November 2018
9. Professor Sudhir Chandra Renowned Historian and Gandhian Scholar • Rejection of the India of Gandhi’s Dream (29th March 2019)
• Partition and its Aftermath (3rd April 2019)
• Non-violence: The Impossible Possibility of an Urgent Imperative (9thApril 2019)
10. Professor Leena Abraham Centre for Studies in Sociology of Education
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Deonar, Mumbai 400 088
• Feminization of a Medical Field: Developments in Twentieth Century Ayurveda (16th April 2019)
• Towards a Cosmopolitan Ayurveda Contributions of Women Ayurveda Physicians (26th April 2019)
• Globalization of a Regional Medicine: Developments in Ayurveda in Kerala (3rd May 2019)
11. Professor Ambikadutt Sharma Department of Philosophy
H.S. Gaur Central University Sagar, M.P.
. Bhartiya manas ka vi-opniveshikaran: pramanik sanskritatma ke pratyabhigyan ki karyayojana (10th, 14th & 19th June, 2019)
12. Professor H.R. Meera NIAS, Bangalore • Relevance of Vyañjanā in Contemporary Linguistic Studies (18  November 2019)
• The Spectrum of Non-literal usages as seen in Śāstraic Framework (22 November 2019)
• Context and Vyañjanā”  (03 December 2019 )
13. Prof. Dr. Harald Wiese Lehrstuhl für Mikroökonomik
Universität Leipzig
Pre-modern Indian perspectives on giving, gifting, and sacrifices: the king (16 March 2020)