Dr. Anjali Duhan
Designation- Fellow
Email- anjaliduhan@gmail.com
Duration of Fellowship Aug 2019 to Jul 2021
Research Project Research on project entitled "Edifying the Royalty; Dvadasa Bhava - A Mughal Version of a Sanskrit Story.
About: Dr. Anjali Duhan is an art historian and as a fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, she proposes to examine an imperial Mughal manuscript - Dvādaśa Bhāva. It is an illustrated Persian translation of a Sanskrit text which is assumed to be lost. However, she has been able to trace the story and the content of its paintings. The subject of her research is fascinating and potentially rather important to several fields of study, including Mughal paintings and history, religious and translation studies, and cross-cultural interactions in early modern India.
The School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University is her alma mater, from where she has completed her PhD in 2017. She has presented her research in several international and national conferences and symposiums the most prominent are the 42nd Annual Conference of Art Historians, University of Edinburgh, Scotland and a Symposium on South Asian Floor Drawings and Murals, University of Westminster, London, an event of the South Asian Literature Festival, London.
Dr. Duhan has received grants from ICSSR, New Delhi 2016 and Nehru Trust (four times between 2006 - 2013) supporting the research which led to her PhD. Research papers from her PhD have been accepted for publication in forthcoming edited volumes by Routledge, India and Bloomsbury Academic, New York.
Apart from the Visual Culture of the Mughals, her other research areas are Medieval Ascetical Traditions and Folk Culture of Haryana.