Prof. Vijaya Ramaswamy
Designation- Tagore Fellow
Duration of Fellowship May 2019 to May 2021
Research Project Into Critical Editions and Out of them: Women in Tamil Mahabharatas
About: Vijaya Ramaswamy was professor of History in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, till 2018. She won the British Council Award in 1981 and in 1988 was awarded the Fulbright Senior Fellowship for Berkeley, California. In 1998, she received the Indo-Shastri fellowship award. She was Partner Investigator of the UPE 2 project on "Asian Crossroads: Indian Neighbourhoods, Asian Connections led by Prof. Makarand Paranjpe as Primary Investigator from 2015-2018.  In 2017, she was co-recipient of the prestigious Australian Discovery International Award for 2017-2020.  

Her major publications include Textiles and Weavers in South Indian HistoryWalking Naked: Women, Society, Spirituality in South India: The Historical Dictionary of the Tamils and  The Song of the Loom.  Walking Naked: Women, Society, Spirituality in South India, published by the IIAS,  won the Best Woman Historian Award in 2000.