Dr. Balram Shukla
Designation- Fellow
Email- shuklabalram82@gmail.com
Duration of Fellowship February 2020 to February 2022
Research Project प्राकृत कविता के चारुत्व के भाषिक प्रयोजक
About: Scholar and Poet of Sanskrit and Persian languages, Dr. Balram Shukla has University degrees in both with gold medals. He values necessity of these source- languages to identify India in its integrity. He has published 3 Sanskrit (Parīvāhah, Kavitāputrikājātih and Laghusandesham) and 2 Persian (Ishq o Atash and Zafran o Sandal) collections of poems, 3 other research books and more than 20 research papers in various journals. Along with serious research in the area of Indic knowledge he has translated several Persian texts directly into Hindi. A collection of Rumi’s 100 Ghazals and “Dawazdeh Band” of Muhtasham Kashani with translation has appeared in last several years. He has been delivering lectures on Sanskrit grammar and different aspects of Indo Iranian language and literature in different parts of the country and Iran. He has also been frequently invited for presenting his Sanskrit and Persian poems by different cultural and academic intitutions in India and Iran. He has been awarded several prestigious fellowships by different research Institutes.For his outstanding and promising presence in these fields of studies, he has been conferred with many awards amongst which President of India award – “Badarayan Vyasa Samman” and “Kalidasa Sammana”(Uttar Paradesh Sanskrit Sansthan) are notable. Currently he is working on 2 projects sponsored by Indian Council for Social Sciences Research (ICSSR)- Mind, Morality and Motives : Learning from Indian Tradition” and “Indo-Iranian Cognate Glossary”. Presently he is teaching in Sanskrit Department, University of Delhi.