Dr. Yashawanta Chungkham
Designation- Fellow
Email- chungkhamyash@gmail.com
Duration of Fellowship Jan 2022 to Jan 2024
About: Prof.Chungkham Yashawanta Singh with a specialization in Tibeto-Burman Linguistics and Manipuri Grammar worked as a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, Manipur University. In his tenure, he served as Dean of School, Humanities, HOD in Dept of Linguistics, Dance and Music, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages and also took charge as Dean of Students Welfare. In addition, he was Chairman of various committees in the University such as Plagiarism Grievances, etc. He participated in National and International Conferences in places such as Nepal, Yangon, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. His contribution in many articles and books in Tibeto-Burman Linguistics and on Manipuri Language both in National and International journals are of utmost importance for the academicians. He had successfully completed projects under:

UGC funded major projects namely:
1) A Study on Endangered Dialects (Languages) of Manipur Phase-I (2000-2003), Phase-II (2003-2006)
2) A Study of Dead Languages (Chakpa) (2012-2014)

ICSSR funded project:
1) A study on Tribal Dialects (Languages) of Manipur (2003-005)

Principal Investigator for Manipuri Language in the consortium of :
1) Development of North-East Languages, Wordner (IIT, Bombay,2009-2012)
2) Shallow Parser Tools for Indian Languages Corpora Initiative, JNU,(2013-2015)
3) Manipuri Dialect Survey (CIIL, Mysore, 2015-2017)
4) Mother Tongue Survey, Registrar General of India, Kolkata, 2008-2017.

He was a member of national and regional organizations namely:
a) Core member in Scheme for Protection and Preservation for Indian Languages (SPT-IL,CIIL, Mysore)
b) Tribal Research Institute Govt of Manipur, etc.

He successfully guided 22 Ph.D. scholars in the journey of his teaching career and published several books.

The following books are in his credit:
1) Manipuri Grammar,2000 and 2021 (Written in both Bangla Script and Meitei Script)
2) Manipuri Synset (in collaboration with a student), 2019
3) Manipuri Machine Translation (in collaboration with a student),2018
4) Rongmei Grammar,2015
5) Koireng Grammar,2010
6) Tarao Grammar,2002

Other than the mentioned books, he has also written literary books:
1) Eigi Leikangla,2014 (A collection of Poems)
2) Leiron Chankhraba Civilisation,2019 (A collection of Poems)
3) Nang Ei (Poem)

In his academic career he received Indian and Overseas Scholarships namely:
1) UGC Exchange Programme in Czechoslovakia,1985
2) Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship in SOAS, University of London (1996-96)
3) Fulbright Fellow, University of California, Berkeley (2006-07)
4) As a visiting Scholar from Manipuri Language in the Dept of English and Linguistics University of North Texas, U.S.A.