The obligations of the Fellows are as follows:

1. Fellows will give a seminar 2 to 3 months after joining the Institute in which they would present before their peers, the work that they intend to undertake at the Institute and the methodology that would be adopted.

2. For a 2 year fellowship, Fellows will present a second seminar after 9-10 months where they would present the draft research paper/monograph based on their research at the Institute.

3. Fellows who are at IIAS only for 1 year would submit the final monograph/research paper to the Institute before completion of the term at least one month prior to the end of the tenure of fellowship.

4. In case of a 2 year Fellowship, when Fellows seek an extension for the second year, their research paper and work plan for the second year as per the form would be submitted to an expert for evaluation. 3 months prior to completion of 1st year, a Fellow is required to submit a Progress Report on the proposed project which shall be sent to an external evaluator to determine whether the fellowship can be extended. This timeline must be strictly followed to have the report evaluated in time. If Progress Report is not submitted on time for a proper evaluation, then the 2nd year of fellowship may not be awarded. Only on the positive recommendation of the evaluator, will an extension be given to a Fellow and the draft research paper/monograph would be uploaded on the Institute’s website. Before the end of the 2nd year, Fellows will give the final seminar before the peers, where the Fellows would present their complete work. Thereafter, the Monograph submitted at least 2 months prior to the end of the tenure of Fellowship, would be sent to an evaluator for assessing its suitability for publication.

5. The Institute is residential. Apart from the research project, a Fellow is expected to participate in discussions, seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures and all other academic activities organized by the Institute from time to time and contribute to the overall academic life of the Institute. In case a Fellow is to be absent, prior intimation along with the reason, is to be given. Continuous absence from academic activities of the Institute without adequate reasons may result in withholding of Fellowship grant or, in extreme cases, withdrawal of Fellowship.

6. The Fellows’ stay in the Institute from 16 December to 28 February is optional. They may, during this period, avail one month’s Study Leave for library consultation and field work.

7. It is mandatory for Fellows to complete the research project within the duration of the Fellowship and submit a manuscript to the Institute. If the Fellowship is for 1/2 years the Institute will withhold the Fellowship grant for last month/ 2 months respectively till the manuscript is delivered.

8. The Institute shall have the first right of publication/co-publication of the manuscript, as we are keen that the findings of your research is made accessible to the wider world of scholarship.

9. For joining the Institute, Fellows will be entitled to travel by the least expensive Air India Economy class from the shortest route or from AC-II Train (AC 1 Class for National Fellows) from their place of residence in India to Shimla. Air tickets must be purchased at least a month in advance and only from IRCTC, Balmer Laurie, Ashok Travels and Tours or from the website of Air India directly. If this is not followed, the Institute may not reimburse the ticket. Fellows would be eligible for the same when they leave the Institute upon the completion of their term. In addition to the above TA, a lump sum transportation charge for carrying personal belongings up to Rs. 5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) will also be paid to all Fellows (i.e. Indian as well as the foreigners) on production of original bills. This includes additional luggage allowance by air/rail and other transportation/courier charges. The same will apply when Fellows leave the Institute at the end of the term after submitting the research monograph.

10. Fellow who leave the Fellowship prematurely (i.e. within 3 months) in the tenure without adequate reasons will have to submit a publishable paper or refund the entire amount disbursed. For fellows with a 6 month fellowship, a monograph/substantial piece of research should be submitted 1 month in advance, failing which the grant of 1 month shall not be disbursed. If Fellows leave after 3 months but before completing the tenure of fellowship, they should intimate the Institute at least one month in advance. In such cases, the Fellows must submit a monograph, failing which the last month’s grant will be withheld. Fellows who leave their Fellowship prematurely and who do not submit the monograph to the Institute at the end of the research period will be blacklisted by the Institute.


1. During the tenure of Fellowship, the National Fellows will be entitled for National Fellowship Grant of Rs. 78,000/- per month (consolidated) and will be subject to TDS deduction.

2. The pay of Fellows will be protected and allowances as admissible to the Central Government employees posted at Shimla (except HRA as rent free furnished accommodation will be provided by the Institute) will be provided.  In addition to this Fellows will also get an additional pay at the rate of 20% of the Basic Salary + Grade pay in case they are maintaining a separate establishment at the place of posting before joining the Institute subject to the condition that no accommodation has been provided by the parent Institute/Organization. Pension will not be deducted from the Fellowship granted to National Fellows/Fellows who are retired and in receipt of pension from the public exchequer (Universities, Governments Departments, etc).

3. Fellow will submit the Last Pay Certificate (LPC) from the parent organization indicating the date till which salary has been paid by the parent organization, date of next increment, last pay drawn, GPF/CPF Account number, GPF/CPF subscription, Income tax, GIS and other deductions, if any and also a certificate that they have been granted extra-ordinary leave (without pay) by your institution to avail the Fellowship. Please note that a Fellow of the Institute must draw the Fellowship Grant from the Institute only and cannot be on the pay roll of any other organization simultaneously during the tenure of the Fellowship.

4. In case of foreign scholars availing the Tagore Fellowships, will not be entitled to international travel; traveling allowance in their case shall be calculated from the port of disembarkation in India to Shimla.  For Tagore Fellows within the country, same rules will as to other regular Fellows.


    1. Any attempt to interfere with or influence the selection process may invite disqualification/blacklisting of the candidate concerned.
    2. Institute will make every effort to respond to all applications. Unsuccessful applicants, to be notified once the selection process is completed, may apply again. Unless absolutely necessary, applicants are not to contact the Institute while the selection process is underway.
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