Dr. Aziz Mahdi
Designation- Fellow
Email- azizmahdi@gmail.com
Duration of Fellowship Dec 2021 to Dec 2022
Research Project Common Roots of Heritage: A Comparative Research on Similarities between Ramayan, Mahabharat and Shahnameh (of Ferdowsi).
About: Dr. Aziz Mahdi, is a multilingual poet, translator and former guest lecturer at Tehran University-Iran. Aziz has a doctoral degree on the subject: Common Indian and Iranian Proverbs from Tehran University- Iran. He has Authored & Translated more than a dozen books in Hindi, English, Persian and Urdu languages.
Most recently, he has received “book of the year” award for English translation of Modern poetry of Iran, by the Ministry of Culture -Iran, in January 2020
He has authored and published five books namely “Ahl-e-Hamin Ka’be’am” (Persian Poetry collection) published by “Alhoda” international publishers and distributors, Iran Culture House New Delhi- 2010; “Zin Qande Pārsi - Comon Iranian and Indian Proverbs” published in April 2011 by “Negāh” publishing house- Iran;“Bagh-e-Bidelan” (Persian Poetry collection) - published in 2013 by “TEKA- Tose’eh Ketābe Irān” Delam Dehli'st (My heart is in Delhi), (Persian Poetry collection) Published by Shahrestan-e-adab publication, Tehran, Iran, 2015; “Nava-ye-Sharq” – (Persian Poetry collection)- Published in 2021 by Farsi Zabanaan Publication -Iran.Dr. Mahdi has also translated and published many books; including the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, in Hindi language; “A new beginning of heart and soul” in English and Urdu in the year 2010; and other titles such as “Parvāne’hāye parakande” (Sparse butterflies) in 2011; “Al Lohoof” by Syed Ibn Tāvus in English; published in 2012; "Modern poetry of Iran" – Translated in English- Published by Rupa Publications, Delhi, India, 2017 (winner - book of the year award) And his most recent translated work, has been published and released by Sahitya Akademi in October 2021, titled: Aadhunik Irani kavitayein (Modern Poetry of Iran) – Translated in Hindi language.
Dr Mahdi has published more than half a dozen academic articles on Indo-Iranian comparative culture and literature in various journals in India and Iran and presented many articles in National and International conferences in India and Iran. He was a Thesis Advisor to two M.A thesis at the department of Indian studies, faculty of world studies, University of Tehran, Iran titled: Paradigm shift in planning and policy in British India; 2015. titled: A Comparative Study of Ethical Virtues in the Upanishads and the Quran, 2015. He has read his poems at various national and international events; and was Awarded the best poet award in –International section- category at the Aeene’ye Mehr poetry festival- Iran, in March 2017.
Dr. Mahdi has given many interviews and talks on Iranian Radio & Television; regarding the Indo-Iranian cultural similarities and recent developments in Iran during the last two decades as well as Indo-Iran cultural and academic affinities existing from the prehistoric age till date.
Dr Mahdi is also a photographer by passion; he has organized three solo Photography Exhibitions in Delhi since the year 2018. Most recently at the India International Centre-Annexe gallery in July 2019. The event was fully sponsored by the IIC and was covered by renowned newspapers in India and Iran.
Currently he is a Fellow at Indian Institute of Advance Study (IIAS), Shimla.