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Date(s) - 20/06/2019
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Seminar Hall



1.  The Project : “To Translate the VyakaraQa Mahabha ya of Patafijali (Sanskrit)

in Assamese with Notes and Explanations”.

2.      Plan of the Project : The work will be in three parts -Part I, Part II  and Part III.

Part I : Introduction (Both in Assamese and English)

1.     Purpose  of the work

11.   Significance ofthe  work.

iii . History of Sanskrit  Grammar. a. Vedic age

b. Post Vedic age

c. The Pre- PaQ.inian grammarians

1v. PaQ.ini:

a. His date and place

v.   Vyadi​

b.   PaQ.ini’s grammar:  an Introduction

c.   The different  aspects  of Piil)inian grammar d .   The contents of the grammar

a.     His date and work

v1. Katyayana  :

a.     His date and work vii. Patafijali:

a.     His date and works

b.     Contents  of Mahabha ya

c.   Translations of Mahabha ya d.   Method  of Mahabha ya

e.   Techniques of Interpretation

f.     Discussion of philosophical  import g.   Commentaries on Mahabha ya


Part II: The Text


Adhyiiya                      Pada                           No.of iihnikas                No. of sutras


2.02.01.            I                    I                                 2+7                             67


2.02.02             I                    II                                3                                  58


Total                                                                                                            125


Part III: Indice

3.01  Pfu).inian Siltras

3. 02  Katyayana’s Varttikas

3.03  Paribha$as and Nyayas

3.04  Glossary

3. 05  Pratyaharasiitras

3.06  GaQapatha

3.07  Dhatupatha

3. Stages of the Text:

In my endeavour  I have taken to work on the text in four stages

(1) Sanskrit  text, (in Assamese  Script) (2) Assamese  Translation,

(3) Notes in Assamese

(4) Explanation in Assamese

The  explanation   is termed  ‘ Kaumudl’  (the  moonlight),  meant  for  focusing  some  light on  the great work, and loosening the knots therein.