There are many ways of being associated with the Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla. We, at IIAS, would be glad to host you under any of the following:-

a> TOURISTS: The Institute remains open for the tourists from 9:00 am to 4:50 pm (National holidays and Monday closed).

    1. Guided tours are conducted for the tourists to understand the historic relevance of the building. The tickets for the guided tour (Inside & outside) are categorized into various slots, will be issued on first come first serve basis.
    2. The first tour usually begins at 10:30 AM and the last tour at 4:50 PM. Guided / printed tour time once missed will not be adjusted in any case in next guided tour.
    3. In one group maximum 60 people are allowed.
    4. All the tours are conducted by the professional guides who have a thorough knowledge of the historical background of the building.
    5. All tours are conducted in both the languages – Hindi and English.

For more information about touring IIAS, please see the following link:

b> INVITED SPEAKERS: IIAS invites senior scholars from a variety of disciplines to deliver a lecture at the Institute. During the course of their stay at the Institute, apart from fruitful academic interaction with scholars from diverse fields in residence at the IIAS, they also have access to the rich library resources of the Institute. In addition, the scholars are invited to share their ideas on a more formal platform at the Institute in the form of a talk that they deliver. The various categories of invited guests are as follows:-

    1. Visiting Scholar: Scholars invited under this category are required to make a presentation and present a script of the paper to the Institute during their course of stay that ranges from one day to a maximum of a week. A detailed CV along with a brif note about the talk may be emailed to the Academic Resource Officer at
    2. Visiting Professors: The Institute invites senior academicians to Shimla for a period of one month during which they deliver 3 lectures and submit the manuscript of the same. A detailed CV along with abstracts of proposed lectures is to be emailed to
    3. Guest Fellow: The Institute invites scholars as Guest Fellows for a period of three months, during which they work on their approved research project. At the end of their tenure, they make a presentation at the Institute. An honorarium of Rs 5000/- is presented to the scholar after publication of manuscript. Requests for Guest Fellowships are to be mailed to along with a detailed CV, research proposal and the Book Proposal Form (available at )
    4. Speaker in Distinguished Lecture Series: This includes lectures by eminent people from all walks of life who have made major contribution to public life. They speak on a wide-ranging spectrum of topics of wider national and international interest. An honorarium of Rs 10,000 per lecture or set of lectures is presented after the submission of a script of around 3500 words by the speaker. Scholars may be recommended or invited suo motu by the Institute.
    5. Invitee in Best Minds of India: Outstanding scholars are hosted at IIAS Shimla by invitation only under this lecture series. Invited speakers could lecture on great minds from the past such as Aryabhatta, Gautam Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya or themselves be considered living experts in their respective fields. An honorarium of Rs. 20,000 per lecture or a set of lectures could be offered after submission of at least 3500 words of the script, preferably a publishable lecture(s).
    6. Laureate in Residence: Recipients of prestigious awards and recognition, including the Nobel Prize, the Bharatiya Jnanpith, the Pulitzer Prize, Man Booker Prize and so on are to be invited by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and spend a week which would include a talk and interaction with the Fellows. An honorarium of Rs. 30,000 in addition to travel and hospitality is presented on submission of the text of the talks/presentations.

c> FELLOWSHIPS: The Institute hosts 3 types of Fellows, namely, National, Tagore and Regular Fellows. Fellows are selected on the basis of the research project submitted by them. The Fellowship is awarded by the Governing Body on the recommendation of the Fellowship Award Committee (FAC) which comprises experts from various disciplines. Scholars of eminence may be exempted from personal appearance before the FAC. There is, however, a multiplicity of approaches in the selection of Fellows, and this is not necessarily confined to those who respond to advertisements. It is open to the Institute to consider the names of eminent scholars suggested by the Director, Members of the Governing Body and the Society. Talent is also identified through efforts on a regional and sub-regional basis. The period of Fellowship ranges from a minimum of three months to a maximum of two years. More details about fellowships may be accessed at :

d> SEMINARS/CONFERENCES/WORKSHOPS: The Institute organizes a number of seminars, conferences and workshops throughout the year. Concept-notes for each are uploaded on the website and call for paper is made. Interested candidates may apply and if shortlisted, they are invited to the Institute for presenting their paper. In case you wish to organize seminars at IIAS, the Proforma ( ) with relevant details needs to be emailed to
More details about such academic events may be accessed from our website